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Mail Distribution Service

The Medical Mail Services provides the collection and distribution of mail to all Medical Campus buildings and associated facilities, including the Flagler Post Office, VA Hospital and Jackson Memorial Hospital. The department also directly covers all the main administrative offices at the Coral Gables Campus. Any correspondence from the Medical Campus to the Marine School (RSMAS), South Campus, Koubek Center and Knight Center is also rerouted to the Gables Campus for final distribution.

The Medical Mail Services, also known as the Mailroom, is in Medley, 6891 NW 74th Street, Miami, FL 33136. The hours of operation are Monday through Friday, from 7:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. The mailing address is PO Box 016960, Miami, Florida 33101 and the phone number (305) 243-6245. The department currently has a staff of six full-time and two part-time employees, who will be able to answer any questions regarding mail processing and handling.

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Incoming Mail
The incoming USPS mail is collected from the Post Office in the mornings, at variable times depending on the mail volume and the Post Office staff available at the moment. The first collection is between 8:00 and 8:30 AM and the second between 10:30 and 11:00 AM. Mail from the first collection, and part of the second, is delivered the same day received. The remainder is delivered by the morning of the next day.
Incoming Certified, Insured, Registered, Express and all signature required mail is also picked up at the Post Office along with the regular mail and brought back to the mailroom. Once recorded, it is delivered, saving the signature of the employee who received it. If delivery is not possible, the recipient is then notified that the item may be picked up at the mailroom. Items unclaimed after 10 days are returned to the sender.

Outgoing Mail
Metering services are also provided to all departments on the Medical Campus, applying appropriate postage to First Class, Certified, Registered, Insured, Priority, and Express mail. We then take all processed mail to the Post Office at the end of the day. The departments are charged for the postage spent, to the account specified on the mail envelope, through monthly journal entries. The mailroom does not sell stamps, handle personal mail, or process nonprofit mailings.

Interoffice mailing addresses must include the following information: Name / Department / Building Name and Room Number. Bulk interoffice mailing addresses must include the following information: Name / Department and Locator Code / Building Name and Room Number. Prior to arrival in the mailroom, bulk interoffice mailings must be sorted and bundled by campus and by locator codes. Bulk interoffice mailing labels sorted by locator code can be requested by completing the following HR form Human Resources Label Selection Form.
For USPS mail, departments should use their physical address as the mailing address, which should contain at least the following items: Department (Locator Code) / Street Address and Room Number / City State and Zip Code.

Preparation Guidelines
Since the United States Postal Service uses electronic Optical Character Readers (OCR’s) to speed processing and delivery, we suggest the following to avoid surcharges for electronically unreadable mail.
Instead of hand writing addresses, please type them, avoiding cursive, italic, or artistic typefaces that the OCR’s cannot read. Attention lines should be the first part of the address block. Print all capital letters and do not use punctuation. For international mail, a foreign language address is permissible, provided the names of the city, province and country are also indicated in English. The last line of the address block must show only the country name, written in full and in capital letters.

Mailroom Manager: Javier Pacheco (jpachec2@med.miami.edu), Phone Number (305) 243-6245
Mailroom Supervisor: Rafael Botet: (ibotet2@med.miami.edu), Phone Number (305) 243-6245
Sr. Mail Clerks Luis Diaz-Rosario, Luis Flores, Phone Number (305) 243-6245
Mail Clerks: Christopher Acosta, Hector Losa Phone Number, (305) 243-6245
Drivers: Luis Flores, Ruberlandis Quesada, Gabriel Joseph Phone Number (305) 243-6245